Regina Compernolle

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Special thanks to our photographer friends who have contributed their art to our pages: Vixie Styx, Anna Rice, Rachel Winter, Kalen Compernolle, Quinn Kavanaugh, Terra Wolfe and more!

Special thanks to Tania Rounds for her website design help!

Regina is the founder and director of Sacred Earth Arts. She presents workshops in Astrology, Women's Sacred Studies and Home Herbalist Courses and a variety of art classes in the community.

Many of her classes and consultations take place at her home in rural Kansas City, Kansas called Dogwood Forest. She is available to teach a variety of classes for your group.

Her products are available for pick up at the farm and Mission Farmer's Market.


My husband Rick and I cultivate indigenous and naturalized medicinal herbs and teach plant identification, harvesting and organic growing.

This video is about a project we hope to undertake in the next year with the help of LaGrece Landscaping.

We'll be looking for volunteers to help with the work and of course celebrate!  

      Bright blessings!

                          ~ Regina