Herbal Studies

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Regina Compernolle has been studying and using herbs for health for over 30 years. She will share her practical knowledge with you. She offers classes, an apprenticeship program and independent study.

Receive hands-on experience making medicine and learn to support your own health and the health of your family and pets naturally.

For those interested in a deepening connection with nature our Plant Shamanism class affords the opportunity to develop an intuitive rapport with our green relations.

We have redesigned our programs to incorporate online learning and small group outdoor classes

while we weather the Covid-19 health protocol. Please contact us for registration information.


Please contact us to make payment arrangements.



Sacred Way Herbal Apprenticeship

Starts at $600 depending on the program you design.

The Sacred Way Apprenticeship - $1000 - $1100*


Herbal Medicine Making Practicum

Shamanic Alchemist Apprenticeship  

*Basic Home Herbalism (optional add $100),

Sustainable Growing (optional). 

You’ll qualify to receive 30-50% off additional classes and services during the year. 

Invitations to private events.

Limited work-exchange eligibility.




Herbal Medicine Making Practicum,

Sustainable Growing (optional) 

Basic Home Herbalism

(May substitute Alchemical Herbalism for $100)


Herbal Medicine Making Practicum - $500 

8 classes held March through October on the 4th Saturday of the month (with some exceptions). 1-5pm


These monthly classes provide experience in 

plant identification and wildcrafting,

growing and harvesting cultivated culinary and medicinal herbs,

making medicine from collected plants.


Basic Home Herbalism - Online

$200 for the year. $30 for individual classes.

(Recordings available)

8 Monthly Tuesday evening classes (preceding the Medicine Practicum) held March through October, 7-8:30pm.

Topics include:

Local Medicinal Plants and Wild Foods

Making Medicine from Collected Plants

Herbal Bug Battle

Culinary Herbs for Health

Medicinal Mushrooms

Healing Soups and Foods

Herbs for Colds and Flu

Herbal Tea Blends

Sustainable Growing  - $80 for the year. Free to Herb Students

8 classes held 1st Saturday, March through October, 9am to noon. 

We’ll learn all phases of growing fruit trees, berries, herbs and vegetables and maintaining forest and prairie with Rick Mareske.




Shamanic Herbalism Practicum

Alchemical Herbalism

Overnight Camping Experiences (optional)

Shamanic Herbalism Practicum: $500 

8 classes held April through November on the 2nd Saturday of the month (with some exceptions). 1-5pm

Connect with your Wild Wisdom in these

Saturday afternoon experiential classes.

Immerse yourself in nature.

Experience the spirit and energy of the natural world.

Communicate with plant and animal allies.

Make sacred art, flower essences and offerings for the Forest

Travel with the drum rhythm to the center of your Inner Terrain and the Collective Dream.

Alchemical Herbalism - Online (Recordings Available) $300

8 Monthly classes held March through October, 7-9pm. Tuesday evening classes (preceding the Shamanic Herbalism Practicum) and one personal astrology reading.

Topics include:

Alchemy and Plant Energetics

Elemental Herbalism

Intro to Ayurveda and the Doshas

Astrology and the Body

Herbal Astrology

Planetary Cycles

The Alchemist as Shaman

The Role of Ritual in Medicine Making


Daughters of the Moon - $400 (50% off to apprentices)

Runs March through October. Combines online and outdoor classes.  

Journey through 2021 with a community of women committed to deep personal growth. 

20 Monday night experiential classes combine ritual, personal mythology, dreams, alchemy and astrology. (Daughters receive 50% off readings and private consultations during the program.)


Independent Study - Available Year Round: starts at $300

Create your own program! 

Includes a variety of topics and services tailored to your needs.


Additional Classes, Workshops and Events will be added as the year progresses.

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