Herbal Studies

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Regina Compernolle has been studying and using herbs for health for over 30 years. She will share her practical knowledge with you. She offers classes, an apprenticeship program and independent study.

Receive hands-on experience making medicine and learn to support your own health and the health of your family and pets naturally.

For those interested in a deepening connection with nature our Plant Shamanism class affords the opportunity to develop an intuitive rapport with our green relations.

We have redesigned our programs to incorporate online learning

and small group outdoor classes

while we weather the Covid-19 health protocol.

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Please contact us to make payment arrangements.



Sacred Way Herbal Apprenticeship

Starts at $600 depending on the program you design.

Growing, Harvesting and Making

Held Outdoors at Dogwood Forest and on Zoom

Last Saturdays, 1-5pm March through Oct.


Shamanic Herbalism

Held Outdoors at Dogwood Forest and on Zoom

2nd Saturdays, 1-5pm, April through Nov.


Independent Study

Includes a variety of topics tailored to your needs.

Available Year Round: starts at $300


Basic Home Herbalism

$20 per class or $60 for all four classes.
Learn about the medicinal uses
and preparation of herbs and foods for health .


Local Medicinal Plants
Tuesday, June 16th , 7-8:30pm

Culinary Herbs for Health
Tuesday, July 21st , 7-8:30pm  $20

Healing Soups and Food 
Tuesday, August 18th , 7-8:30pm  $20

Herbs for Colds and Flu 
Tuesday, September 15th , 7-8:30pm  $20

Herbal Shamanism
Held Outdoors At Dogwood Forest with Regina

Saturday, July 11th, 1-5pm, $80

Plants have been communicating with our ancestors for millennia. They have much to offer. They can be used to heal body, mind and spirit. We can all access their wisdom by spending more time in nature and developing our intuitive abilities to hear what they have to say. Plants are our parents. They want to help us!
In this workshop, we’ll be exploring the energetics and medicinal properties of common plants and herbs that grow around us. We’ll take a shamanic medicine journey and create a ritual to establish a bond with a plant ally. We’ll look at the aspects of our lives that prevent awareness to the subtler levels of consciousness and leave with a “prescription” for healing our lives with the help of our green brothers and sisters. (This class is not about psychoactive plants.) Bring a blanket, snack, water and dress for light hiking.

Psychoactive and Euphoric Plants - FULL
at Dogwood Forest with Sarah Preu  $30

We are taking a waiting list for a new class in the Fall.

Join us as we explore the naturally and gently psychedelic effects of legal plants and resins, from familiar mugwort or frankincense to South African dagga. We will explore the history of blue lotus and its significance in ceremony. We will sip and sample some of these perfectly legal, perfectly divine plant personalities in class.
Bring a pipe in order to try some of the smoking herbs.

Foraged Intentional Bouquets 

at Dogwood Forest with Quinn Kavanaugh
Sunday, July 12th, 11-1pm $45


Intentional Bouquets give us the opportunity to turn our highest wishes into a beautiful talisman. In this class we will explore the way that we are connected to nature and how our thoughts intertwine with the natural world. Through meditation, students will pick an intention to focus on and then create a bouquet from abundant native plants and grasses as they meditate on manifesting that intention. The bouquet is like a mantra helping the work to sink in deeper. Students will learn about sustainable and respectful wildcrafting principals while creating a unique bouquet foraged from the land and imbued with intention. 

Bring a blanket, water and a journal. Wear shoes for walking in the woods.

Elementally You  -  on ZOOM

- An Ayurvedic Self-Exploration Day

Taught by Kelsey Gordon of Vedasaurus
Sunday, July 26th, 12-4pm $40

Come learn through self-exploration how an Ayurvedist uses the elements and their characteristics to bring balance to people.

Tickets are $40 ($28 for Sacred Earth apprentices)

Your Doshic Day - Living Ayurvedically Hourly

On ZOOM - Taught by Kelsey Gordon of Vedasaurus

August 23rd, 12-4pm  $40

Why do you get the 3pm slump, or that second wind that just makes it impossible to sleep? Find out in this interactive workshop which doshas rule over what hours and how you can tap into that! Come learn about making the day, month, and season work for you.
This class can be taken on its own or as a sequel to "Elementally You"


Nature Photography at Dogwood Forest

With Quinn Kavanaugh

Sunday, October 4th, 3-6pm $35

Join Quinn for a magical afternoon capturing the beauty of Dogwood forest. This class will focus on developing your own voice and perspective when documenting the natural world as well as the technical skills necessary to bring that vision to life. The Forest is full of moments of expanse and the most detailed vignettes. This class is just as much about exploration as it is photography. You will search the forest for the moments you wish to preserve. Students will learn how to find ideal lighting and composition and how to tell a story through the Spirit of the Forest.  

All skill levels welcome. Bring your own camera or phone to shoot with as well as a journal, water and a blanket. Wear shoes for walking in the woods


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