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Life Path Astrology Reading

Astrology can be extremely helpful in guiding us on our correct path. The blueprint of our soul is there to show us our purpose, direction and way of action.

Based on the date, time and place of our birth we get a blueprint of the solar system at the time of your birth.

Most people are familiar with their Sun sign which is determined by the date of birth. We've all read our horoscopes in newspapers. The Sun sign is only one aspect of a rich and complex myriad of celestial influence. You moon sign is the determining factor for you emotional self. The time you were born influences your personality. Each of the planets has influence in various areas of your life depending on their position. A single session is $75, $90 for couples. 4 sessions $240 which allows time to get into significant detail of planets, houses, asteroids and  predictions, enabling you to know where to spend your energy and how you should organize your life for the year..

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