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Meet Our Faculty and Teachers

 Regina Compernolle

Miss July Regina.jpg

Regina is the founder and director of Sacred Earth Arts. She presents workshops in Astrology, Shamanism, Sacred Studies and Home Herbalist Courses and a variety of art classes with the intention of creating a community of Self Centered individuals.

Our community has grown to include former students and associates as teachers of a wide variety of subjects.

Many of these classes and consultations take place at her farm co-owned with Rick Mareske, in rural Kansas City, Kansas.

She is available to teach a variety of classes for your group in person or on Zoom.

Her products are available for pick up at the farm and Mission Farmer's Market.

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Quinn Kavanaugh

Quinn Kavanaugh is an artist, witch and herbalist currently based in Kansas City, Missouri. Quinn is a native plant, paper art and snake enthusiast. She enjoys studying the occult, shadow work and alchemical shamanism. Quinn’s practice includes intuitive channeling, energetic support and art therapy. 

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Kelsey Gordon

Sierra Stucz

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Kelsey Gordon is the Owner of Vedasaurus, LLC. She is an Ayurvedist, Western Herbalist, Witch, Shamanic Healer, and Yogi. Kelsey's writings are a blend of Eastern thought, Western knowledge, and a dash of magical whimsy. When she isn't writing you'll find Kelsey playing board games, wandering around in nature, or curled up with a book and a glass of wine.

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Sierra Stucz is a herbalist, occultist and witch. She creates herbal goods and magickal tools for her small business ZeppHerbal. Her craft focuses on ceremonial magick, divination, and spellwork. Sierra’s other interests center around collecting oddities and eccentric antiques, and is devoted to celebrating Halloween all year long. 


Connect with Sierra on Instagram, or TikTok @ZeppHerbal or email her at

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Chelsea Medlock

Liz Strother


Chelsea specializes in trauma-informed yoga, meditation, and shadow work for healing. Her mission is to make healing both inclusive and accessible. Chelsea offers classes and services in energetic yoga, shadow work coaching, and therapeutic art.  She specializes in astrology, chakra support, somatic movement, and archetypes.  


Chelsea received her 200hr RYT from True Love Yoga (formerly Karma Tribe Yoga) in 2019. She also is certified in trauma-informed yoga through Connected Warriors (2020) and Embodied Yoga Principles through EYP (2021). She also holds a doctorate in Modern European history and memory studies from Oklahoma State University (2015). Chelsea is the owner of Sevana Wren Studio in Raytown, MO.


Check out her website at and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Patreon at Sevana Wren Studio.

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Liz has been working with myths, archetypes and dreamwork for the past 15 years. She also studied druidry for the past 20+ years and only recently has started her shamanic studies within the past few years. Liz believes that our dreams can help us unlock our true potential as soon as we put intention into deciphering them. She is passionate about animals, nature and guiding you on your path towards your very own spiritual journey. 


Lindsey Grandstaff Smith


Lindsey Grandstaff Smith is a ceramicist, painter, art educator, nature enthusiast, and the owner/founder of Dragonfly Mama Art.  She’s been a professional art teacher since 2007 and taught in many different settings including private school, public school, preschool, and day camps in Kansas and taught students online in China.   She received a Bachelor of Science in Art Education in 2007 from Kansas State University and a Master of Arts in Visual Art Education in 2012 from the University of Kansas. Other than mother nature, her muses are her 2 sons!  She enjoys creating meaningful, creative experiences for her students. 


You can follow Dragonfly Mama on Instagram @dragonfly_mama_art, Facebook, or check out her ceramics Dragonfly Mama Art - Ceramics & Pottery 

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Special thanks to our friends who have contributed their talents to our pages and endeavors: Zoe LaGrece, Vixie Styx, Anna Rice, Rachel Winter, Kalen Compernolle, Quinn Kavanaugh, Terra Wolfe, Marcy Smalley, Kelsey Gordon, Sierra Stucz and more!

Special thanks to Tania Rounds for her website design help!

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