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Sacred Earth Arts Services

Available in person, on Zoom or by phone.


Life Path Astrology: 1 hour, $80

Gain greater insight into your personal processes. This reading focuses on your personality, aptitudes and life direction. It’s great for making decisions in times of change.


Karmic Astrology: 1 hour, $80

We look at the karmic indicators in your chart to determine what lessons you are here to learn and what shifts you need to make in order to stay centered on your Karmic Path.


Partnership Astrology: 1.5 hours, $120

Did you know that your partnership has a personality? This reading will help you discover what makes your partner tick and allow you to see each other more clearly. (suitable for love, work, children and friendships)


Solar Return: 1.5 hours, $120

Every year on or near your birthday the Sun returns to its position at your birth, resonating with the song of your soul. We do a special chart to look at what to expect for the coming year including transits and progressions.


Tarot Readings: 30 minutes, $30

The future is not written in stone but potential energy linked to our current trajectory, attitudes and relationships. Intuitive readings are a great way to tap into the energy of your current situation in order to make more informed decisions when

change is being considered. 


Guided Forest Journeys

$30 (alone) - $60 (with guide)

Immerse yourself in the healing green world of Dogwood Forest. Forest Bathing has been proven to release stress and increase wellbeing. Begin with a meditation to open your energy fields and connect with our green teachers.

Choose to be alone in the forest after the initial meditation or with a guide to accompanying you.


Private Instruction Available

$60 an hour, $160 for 4 weeks.

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