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At Dogwood Forest with Regina Compernolle & Terra Wolfe
July 31st - August 2nd
Friday Evening to Sunday Morning $90

Take the time to go deep within and renew your soul, to replenish your vitality with the waters of reflection, to call your spirit to it's true intent. Reclaim the power of your Will through personal ritual, shamanic journey, silent immersion in nature and the light of the fire. Social distancing observed. Camping gear required. Contact Regina for preparation list.


Sisters of the Tarot

with Regina and Quinn at Dogwood Forest
Sunday, August 16th 11-4pm $50


Sisters! Learn to read tarot cards in a supportive circle of women. We will explore the four suits and divine archetypes of the major arcana and learn to tell the story expressed through the cards through the use of different spreads. We will learn to trust our intuition as we share our perceptions. You will have fun!

Reiki Play Day in the Forest

with Regina, Sarah and Quinn    Donation
Sunday, September 27th 11-4pm
Drum Circle at 5pm 


Experience the energizing, relaxing effects of Reiki and other forms of healing energy in beautiful Dogwood Forest. Techniques will be taught to help you be more sensitive to subtle energy. We will play with a variety of energy techniques including Forest Bathing, Reiki, polarity, and healing with sound. Everyone welcome.


Descent of the Goddess
with Regina Compernolle
Zoom and Dogwood Forest
4 wks starting Monday, October 5th, 7-9pm  $80


You are the dreamer of your own world. Join your sisters in preparation for our descent into the realm of dream creation. We will create ritual aligned with the season and the phases of the Moon to initiate inner transformation and connection with the goddess within. Bring the change you need in your world.
The first 3 weeks will be on Zoom. Week 4 will be outdoors around a fire in Dogwood Forest.



Private Sessions and Lessons Available


Sisters of the Tarot

Past Life Regression

Shadow Work



Life Path Astrology

Relationship Astrology

Planetary Cycles

Lunar Cycles and Life Rhythms

Asteroid Goddesses


The Transformative Journey

of the Goddess Within


Runs March through October


This Monday night series integrates Dreams, Shamanism, Tarot, Astrology and Alchemy to bring deep Self knowledge and transformation in a supportive circle of women.

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