Sacred Studies

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The Transformative Journey

of the Goddess Within


This Monday night series integrates Dreams, Ritual, Tarot, Astrology and Alchemy to bring

deep Self-knowledge and transformation in a supportive circle of women.

ALL 20 WEEKS: $400

March 14-Apr 4: Return of the Goddess: 4 Weeks: $120

Apr12-July 12: Alchemy of the Goddess: 12 Wks $300

Sept 20-Oct 4th: Descent of the Goddess: 4 Wks: $120


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Return of the Goddess

4 Weeks starting March14th $120

Celebrate the return of spring! We'll embrace the goddess as she renews life all around us and within. We'll use self-reflection and ritual to fire us our path for the year.

Alchemy of the Goddess

12 Weeks starting April 12th $280

This course combines your personal astrology, dreamwork, and ritual to discover and create your personal mythology through story and art.


Descent of the Goddess

4 Weeks starting Sept. 20th $120

You are the dreamer of your own world. Join your sisters in preparation for our descent into the realm of dream creation during the Winter months. We will create ritual aligned with the season and the phases of the Moon to initiate inner transformation and connection with the goddess within. Bring the change you need in your world. Let me know if you have questions.


Private Sessions and Lessons Available


Past Life Regression

Shadow Work


 Life Path Astrology

Relationship Astrology

Planetary Cycles

Lunar Cycles and Life Rhythms

Asteroid Goddesses