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Sacred Studies



Intro to Astrology - 4 wks - $120

Starts Tues. April 25th

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Medical Astrology - 6 weeks - $300

Starts Tues, June 13 

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Planetary Astrology - 12 weeks - $300

Starts Aug. 1st

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Held Monthy on the New Moon

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Explore Your Rich Inner Terrain Through a Variety of

Transformative Classes

Look forward to classes in

Shamanism, Astrology,

Alchemy and Magick,

WiseCraft, Red Tent, Ritual,

Druidry and More. 


Alchemy of the Goddess Series - $400

(formerly known as Daughters of the Moon)

Bundle Classes for Savings

Return of the Goddess - 4 wks - $120

Starts Monday, Feb. 27

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Alchemical Principles of Magick on Zoom - $120

Starts Monday, May 1st 

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Alchemy and Magick - 12 wks - $300

Starts Monday, May 1st

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Descent of the Goddess - 4 wks - $120

Starts Monday, Oct. 9th

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More Monday Night Classes:

Intro to Magick - 4 wks - $120

Starts Monday, Apr 3rd

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Dreams, Archetypes & the Path of Shadow - $180

6 wks, Starts Monday, Aug. 21st

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We offer discounts on multiple classes.

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