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Red Tent, A New Moon Circle

The Red Tent is a monthly circle where individuals can gather in community through ritual, shared conversation, and support every New Moon cycle.


The space we create together honors the many natural cycles of life. This is a revival of the old ways of menstrual huts or tents that women used in village communities.

The Red Tent is a space to release and to let go of things that no longer serve us in our cycles and to reclaim new experiences for ourselves, to deepen our relationship to the self and our womb space.

Pre-registration at least 3 days before class is kindly requested.

Please email to reserve your spot!

Monthly drop in class suggested love offering of $20.

Check, Cash, Credit Card and PayPal accepted. 

We will meet on the hill of Dogwood Forest, weather permitting. Please register and donate to support our program. 


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